A Building Block for Internet of Toys (IoT)

A typical setup of PineappleCake.

A typical setup of PineappleCake.


PineappleCake is a set of add-on board and software for Arduino MKR1000 series for attaching analog sensors. Coupled with MKR1000, PineappleCake can read up-to seven physical sensors and send the values via HTTP on WiFi.

You can also attach triple-axis accelerometer on PineappleCake. The acceleration data can be accessible via wireless HTTP connection.

And one more thing, you can control a couple of LEDs also via wireless HTTP connection.

You can change the IP address of multiple PineappleCakes by using attached rotary switch so that you’ll never need to modify the source code for just changing the addresses.

PineappleCake also offers missing I2C connector (+5V, D7, SCL, SDA, GND) found in other MKR series (e.g. MKR ZERO).

PineappleCake 1.2.1.

PineappleCake 1.2.1.

Shopping List

Item Name Spec. # Online shops in Japan
Micro Controller Arduino MKR1000 1 Amazon
Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA8452Q MMA8452Q Breakout 1 Switch Science
Resistor R1-2 680 2 Eleshop
Resistor R3-4 6.8k 2 Eleshop
Resistor Net RN1-2 10k 2 Eleshop
Capacitor C1 0.1u 1 Eleshop
Encoder SW. IPADDRESS HEX. Comprementary 1 Eleshop, Marutsu
Con. Analog ML14L 1 Eleshop, Marutsu
Con. J4-5 Pinheader 14p 2 Eleshop, Switch Science
Con. L1-2 JST PH 2p 2 Eleshop
LiPo Battery >700mAh 1 Switch Science

The latest hardware (schematic and artwork) and software are available on GitHub.

Current: Rev. 1.2.2 Release branch (preparing for official release)

Stable: 1.0.0-RELEASE (This is a proof of concept model. Many functions mentioned above are not implemented.)

This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 18K11396.