Hyper Real and Zero User Interface

Hyperreal: The Hyperreal design system allows users to modify physical object as if it were digital object. Mixed Reality technology gives actual feeling of physical object to viewers while computer graphic virtual shade gives pseudo stereoscopic effect to viewers’ eyes. This project is cooperated with Masaru Hisada.

ZUI (Zero User Interface): The Grasp interface is a smart interface that detects user’s gripping form. Using the proposed interface, the user can modify the object’s appearance freely as if it reads user’s intention, without choosing icons or switching input devices for changing operation mode. The display subsystem of the system controls the virtual shape of real objects with shade-pattern projection. This project is cooperated with Kei Yamamoto.

Hisada, Masaru; Yamamoto, Keiko; Kanaya, Ichiroh; Sato, Kosuke: HYPERREAL 3-D Design System; Journal of Information Processing; vol.48, no.12, pp.3873-3881, 2007. [Japanese]